Cura Thumbnails and Filemanager... missing image icon?

Do thumbnails only show in the state panel if I am printing directly from Cura through the Octoprint connection or can they show while printing from an uploaded file?

Also - when I look at the Cura Thumbnails information in the plugin description it indicates that you can add a thumbnail by clicking the image icon in the file manager

  • but my file manager does not seem to have this icon.

I am using OctoPrint 1.6.0rc1
Python 3.7.3
OctoPi 0.18.0

You would have to export the file from Cura as "Ultimaker Format Package" (UFP) instead of gcode for a thumbnail to be included. The thumbnail is not part of the gcode file, but the UFP includes both a gcode file and a thumbnail image.

Hi @jaymcd,

I think you misinterpreted the Cure Thumbnail - Plugin description
" clicking the newly added image button."
The Plugin adds a new button to the filemanager, it is not possible to add an image to each print job.

As fieldOfView already mentioned you need to upload an UFP file instead of an gcode file to octoprint. This can be done via Drag&Drop or directly from cura.

Btw. PrusaSlicer includes the thumbnail image as a base64 encoded text directly into the gcode file (if enabled). This can be shown by "PrusaSlicer Thumbnails"