Cura to OctoPrint using new IP address/API issue


Last night I was working on building a plugin and created some APIs around the web and today, the IP address normally used between Cura/Octoprint switched to a new IP address with the _API instance trying to be used, and the original still appearing as another user or instance, which was the original, and working well, but now is ignored

There's not a way to get the _API version highlighted with an option to delete it that I've found, thinking that would help.

don't even know if possibly the _API instance is supposed to be there or not (I don't think so) But if I could just delete it or direct the connection to the original IP address, that should solve it. Maybe?

Thanks for any ideas or suggestions!


I have no idea what you mean by "_API version" and "_API instance".

Maybe there are multiple "printer presets"?
Bot normally, if there is more than one, deletion is an option.

An "instance" is the exact IP address Octoprint is using. Usually it's 198.162,1.X with "X" being the different instance. I have 2 instances suddenly showing using OctoPrint now, each ending in 5 and 8. *
8 is an address that's newly being used now. If you're able, get the "Fing" app. Within it you'll be able to see all "instances" of your IP address being used. For example, I have about 12 set aside, it seems. Some are being used by by wireless printer, others by other wireless devices.

One thing being used is my Raspberry Pi2B+, which is now the server for the 3D printer. And for it being used, it's accessing both the and "instances."

Hopefully I'm describing this clearly. I'm not a professional developer, obviously.

Let me try this from a different point of view. I'll upload an .stl file in Cura. I'll slice it. And the option to "Print with Octoprint" is now an option in the bottom right hand blue "Print" button, which I assume has changed due to the installation of this plug in.

I then presents a modal saying "sending to Octoprint" nd then another, "Saving (or storing- I can't remember exactly) in OctoPrint.

And then nothing. No response by the printer. That's where I'm hitting this idle, dead-end, or something that's diverting or killing the code path from "OctoPrint" to the printer itself. This task seems to be handled by your plugin. Perhaps I'm wrong. Most likely, in fact. But I thought you'd be a good person to contact and see where you might see the problem so I can get things working again.

I sincerely appreciate your time and effort and a for providing such a fantastic plugin.


Update: I rebooted and cleaned up anything I could think of. This eliminated Cctoprint taking two instances of my IP address. So Octoprint only shows up in instance "5"

But it's still doing the same, when I click to Print with OctoPrint. Nothing but telling me it's saving and storing in Octoprint. But end of story. It typically would begin printing at that point but suddenly isn't.

I'm wondering if I should "flash" the image to the RaspBerry Pi again. I'm not experienced enough to just remember how to do that, so trying things I'm not 100% sure about usually makes problems worse for me. And that likely may not be the problem at all.

Once you've uploaded with Cura, does the file show up in OctoPrint's UI? Is it just the 'automatically starting the print' that is causing the problem? Can you go in and manually select the new file for printing?

Great questions. I can see that Octoprint is using IP address instance in the Fing App. So when I type in the instance into my address bar, I get a screen that say the site can't be used and was unable to connect.

OK, so let's try octopi.local.....

It brings up an Octoprint UI. What is it showing exactly, I'm wondering? The webcam isn't streaming, for example. And there's no file appearing.

The Cura UI pops up a box(same type saying "sending" and "storing" G-code) says there was a 408 Error.

And then no activity anywhere I can see. Not in Cura, Octoprint, or the printer itself or it's touchscreen. (Frozen? The files maybe diverted to the wrong place[or nowhere] I sense, but I don't know enough to know where to start looking.)

To be clear: file shows in Cura; Does not show in OctoPrint, although Cura says "sending" and "storing." (Possibly not in that exact order)

To answer Part 2 of your questions: No I cannot manually print the file from the printer's UI. There are no files there in my printer's UI to select. Once the Cura-> Octoprint plugin is enabled, that functionality is no longer, because the print job is being sent to the Raspberry Pi server, via OctoPrint(wishfully and normally) then to the Printer via USB, if I'm not mistaken.