CuraEngine (<=15.04) or Legacy

I just found that "legacy" plugin in the repository. Thinking that it was a newer version I installed it and now I have both the previous and this last one. The fact is that the old plugin cannot be uninstalled because it says that is bundled. What we are supposed to do with this?

Also the new plugin removed my CuraEngine installation, the one that was used by the old plugin and now it seems I can't compile a new installation of it. (shows several warnings)

The Cura Legacy plugin was introduced because the Cura Engine will be omitted from OctoPrint from version 1.3.11 on: New release candidate: 1.3.11rc1

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You might just wait until the next version is in production (soon).

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That's the next version of OctoPrint.

Cura Legacy is a very old version. I discourage slicing on the OctoPrint host (Raspberry Pi) because it could cause print jobs to fail. I recommend downloading the latest Cura and running it on your desktop.

Yep Morgan, that's what I'm used to do, and I suppose I'll continue like this.
I only installed the plug-in at the time for testing purposes and really never used it. Cura offers a such granular adjustability that would be difficult to replace for an automatic oneconfigforall slicer.

I guess I'm one of the few who still prefer the, albeit outdated, version of Cura on Octoprint. I've tried the latest version and although there's no doubt more options available, it has never really improved my print quality.