Curl not working within camera script

Hey all. Fantastic plugin, thanks FormerLurker!

I have a DSLR which does not have OctoLapse support, so I am instead using an ESP32 to trigger a relay which is wired into a physical remote. Put simply, my DSLR takes a photo when I browse to

Executing curl -s from my OrangePi which is running Armbian to host OctoPrint takes a photo just fine.

I have no desire for OctoPrint to handle producing the video, I'll just grab the files off the camera's SD card and edit together the video on my PC.

The ESP32 returns an 'image/png' which is a 1x1 pixel dummy image. I set it up this way to be able to use my DSLR with the out of the box Timelapse support in OctoPrint (simply, I put the IP address in the 'Shapshot Url' box in settings). This worked fine.

I've been trying to get this working with OctoLapse, but haven't had any luck. I've created the following file:


which contains


curl -s

This works if I execute it thusly: bash /home/tangles/OctoPrint/

Any ideas why it doesn't work when I click 'Test' next to the 'External Camera Setup - Script' box, where I have placed the path to the file, in OctoLapse?


Ah, sorry to waste your bandwidth. I seem to have been looking at the wrong log files

It was a permissions issue on the script - fixed with chmod +x