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And if nay: what is missing? :slight_smile:


I could possibly see the need for breaking up the "Get Help" category into multiple sections or subcategories related to common topics. I don't know if that is necessary at this point. It's probably worth waiting to see how busy that section gets, and whether there are large numbers of inquiries on certain topics/areas.


Yes, that's my current approach. It's tricky right now to anticipate these things, but it's trivial to divide or merge in the future so inspect and adapt is the motto :slight_smile:


Looks good! I suggest an "Integrations" section if you start getting lots of people putting OctoPrint in other setups than the typical Raspberry Pi.

We at the Replicape group are close enough to a Raspi it won't matter and we'll probably nag in the development section more than need a dedicated section, but getting support requests from users who are on an atypical setup can possibly be challenging.


I like what you've got so far - and I'm sure will grow tremendously over time, given the popularity of OctoPrint!
As always, keep up the good work!


Site feedback might be renamed to feedback, so it basically grabs all feedback, both community and octoprint related.
Asking for feedback is allways good. You are not obligated to act on it.


To be honest, I'd rather leave it at "Site Feedback" and limited to feedback on this specific forum. I fear turning it into a general "Feedback" category will quickly lead to that drowning in what basically are feature requests, and then I'll have to manage those on two fronts. My goal here is consolidation, that would go somewhat against it.

I'm still thinking about maybe moving feature requests over here in general, and then it would definitely make sense and fit.


I think you would be well served to keep "site feedback" separate from OctoPrint Feedback.