CustoPizer help needed

Trying to customize a BookWorm image with Custopizer. The readme for custopizer gives the command string you use, but it keeps trying to pull an "unknown image" from the network instead of using the local input.img that the readme says to use... Anyone figured this out?

are you using an action or running local in docker? with docker you're passing the -v /path/to/image.img:/image.img variable?

Running it in docker and pointing it direct to the image.
Here is the command I am using:
docker run --rm --privileged -v /home/pi/piunora-raspberrypi-os-image:/input.img

You have to extract the .img file out and include it in path. I was just testing this locally on my windows machine, and this is working if you just name the file input.img in the root of your workspace and pass that along to the docker run command.

docker run --rm --privileged -v "C:/Users/jneil/Documents/3D Prints/PrinterUprades/OrdBotHadron/OctoprintRelated/OctoPi-UpToDate":/CustoPiZer/workspace -v "C:/Users/jneil/Documents/3D Prints/PrinterUprades/OrdBotHadron/OctoprintRelated/OctoPi-UpToDate/config.local":/CustoPiZer/config.local

my config.local has this in it.


another bit of info...if you don't have a workspace for the scripts to run, OctoPrint won't just be installed for you to work like OctoPi. This is the script I used to do that bit, named 01 install octoprint in the scripts sub-folder.

set -x
set -e

export LC_ALL=C

source /

# append hostname to /etc/hosts
echo " $(hostname -s)" >> /etc/hosts

# create venv for octoprint to install into.
apt install python3 python3-pip python3-dev python3-setuptools python3-venv git libyaml-dev build-essential libffi-dev libssl-dev -y
cd /home/pi
sudo -u pi python3 -m venv oprint
sudo -u pi /home/pi/oprint/bin/pip install --upgrade pip wheel
if [ -n "$OCTOPRINT_VERSION" ]; then
    # fetch from GitHub since PyPI might not yet be synced through right after a fresh release
    sudo -u pi /home/pi/oprint/bin/pip install -U$
    sudo -u pi /home/pi/oprint/bin/pip install -U OctoPrint
sudo usermod -a -G tty pi
sudo usermod -a -G dialout pi

basically I started with cloning the OctoPiUpToDate repo and moifying it's update script with this one.

you'll be missing stuff like haproxy and the like for the https connections, etc. and not service files with this either. So you would have to script all the rest of it as well too.

I'm getting further LOL now it doesn't like the architecture...

sudo docker run --rm --privileged -v /home/pi/piunora-raspberrypi-os-image:/CustoPiZer/workspace -v /home/pi/piunora-raspberrypi-os-image/config.local:/CustoPiZer/config.local
Unable to find image '' locally
latest: Pulling from octoprint/custopizer
docker: no matching manifest for linux/arm64/v8 in the manifest list entries.
See 'docker run --help'.

Oh, and I'm building it on a Pi CM4 using 64 bit BookWorm

I think the error comes from here:

There is no linux/arm64/v8 specific version of CustoPiZer . is there any fix, or make it use the local version of CustoPiZer? i did a git clone to pull it locally.

maybe this...

docker build . -t CustoPizer -f /path/to/Dockerfile

and then

docker run --rm --privileged -v /home/pi/piunora-raspberrypi-os-image:/CustoPiZer/workspace -v /home/pi/piunora-raspberrypi-os-image/config.local:/CustoPiZer/config.local -d CustoPizer 

I'll give that a shot in the morning