Dashboard, DisplayLayerProgress & Cura

Hi, I am very new to 3d printing and I am a bit out of my depth in setting up the DisplayLayerProgress plugin. I want it to be used with the Octoprint - Dashboard plugin, and I don't need it for anything else. It mentions in the documentation that Cura is compatible, but I am not getting the readouts on the dashboard I should. I did re-uploaded the files as it stated. When I look at the layer tab in the plugin settings I see the following, but do I simply remove all but the first line mentioning Cura? I'm not sure how to proceed, thanks!

1		[;\s*LAYER:\s*([0-9]+).*]		CURA
1		[; layer ([0-9]+),.*]		Simplify3D
1		[;LAYER:([0-9]+).*]		ideaMaker
count	[; BEGIN_LAYER_OBJECT.*]		KISSlicer
count	[;BEFORE_LAYER_CHANGE]		Slic3r

OctoPrint version: 1.4
Printer: Creality CR-10 V2 w/ E3D V6 Hotend & BLTouch
Platform: Raspberry Pi 4
Marlin 2

It should work out of the box

Here's the github repo of the plugin with further information

If it still doesn't work - upload an example gcode file here
You might tag OllisGit when this is the case (add an @ right before his name)

Thanks, but for some reason it just started working after a reboot of the Pi. No idea why.