Deactivate connect button when connecting

When I click CONNECT, nothing happens. Well, eventually, it might. Sometimes. Sometimes I have to click the button twice. But there is no direct feedback when I connect, showing that Octoprint is connecting to my printer. Sometimes, after a while, the State window shows it is connecting. Or that it failed. However, sometimes, when I click the connect button a second time, to retry when it seems to have failed, the button changes appearance and becomes a DISCONNECT button. And when connecting just succeeded, I am disconnecting unintentionally.
So far for the introduction.
Wouldn't it be most clarifying when the CONNECT button would change appearance, even disable maybe, when Octoprint is trying to connect? And return to its original state when succeeded (but than with a DISCONNECT label)? I wouldn't be confused, at least.
It's just a suggestion. I wonder if it's difficult to make, and if other people have the same idea.