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Default axis-movement-mode (rel/abs)?

coming from this issue SpoolManager not tracking usage · Issue #231 · OllisGit/OctoPrint-SpoolManager · GitHub I asked myself: what is the default axis-movement-mode, relative or absolut?

Or more precise: used by OctoPrint and used by the printer?

I found this post that describes also the problem:

From my understanding there is no "standard" included in the printers firmware. Could be a mix, axis=absolut, extruder=relative or the other way around.

Also, OctoPrints assumption is "absolute" for all motors (xyz and e).

IMHO a simple solution could be to "force" the user to enter the mode for each motor in the "printer profile" (and also move the G90/G91 extruder-checkbox from "Feature" to profile).
Now the "challenge" is up to the user to find out the mode. (from UI-Perspective it should not just a checkbox for rel/abs, the user needs to explicit entering a mode)

Did I missed something?


You also need to keep track of any changes occurring in the gcode file being printed - different slicers or even different slicer profiles might switch between absolute and relative. And incorrect start/end gcode from a previous print might end up leaving the printer in the wrong state. So unless you've seen a G90 or G91 I don't think it's safe to depend on any profile setting.

Don't forget to track M82 and M83.