Dehumidifier spool cabinet


MMU2-sized. I'll feed filament out of the bottom once the MMU2 arrives. I should make a vid about it, especially once I know how the humidity performance is.


That looks rather useful.

Unfortunately, that's giving me ideas about what I should do for mine. ha


Can you please share the details on the humidity sensor. I've been trying to make one.


I've been trying a couple of sensors, and I'm connecting them to ESP32s and integrating them into my Pi printer hat:

  • DHT22. Classic older temp sensor. Not very accurate.
  • ENS210. Runs i2c (yay!), super-tiny SMD. Reasonably accurate. (I have another device, same footprint, can't remember the part number of it right now, it's basically identical)
  • Si7021. Also i2c, small footprint, though more 'pins' means slightly fussier soldering. I got a couple of these on breakout boards.


do you mind shearing the code please?