Deleting videos under Timelapse leaves file names in Octolapse list

This is not an issue per se, maybe more of a configuration issue I may have missed.
I noticed yesterday that if I delete videos while in the "Timelapse" tab that the files are deleted and removed from the list under Timelapse, however the files are still listed under the Octolapse tab.
I am unable to remove them from the Octolapse tab and just recieve errors while attempting to delete them from Octolapse's list.

If I restart OctoPrint then the deleted files are removed from both lists.

When I delete from Octolapse files are removed from both list instantly.

I have Octolapse enabled but Timelapse disabled.

I am wondering if there is some configuration issue I have or if I just need to live with having extra files in a list when I delete from the 'wrong' tab (but only until next reboot). The Octolapse plugin does recognize the files are not there and indicates that but will not remove them from the list during that session. I probably will only delete from the Octolapse tab from here on out but the timelapse tab shows the files with less 'clicking'.