'der easyframe' kickstarter

This isn't cheap, but probably the best prusa-style frame:


About $200 shipped to 'murica. Probably especially a good deal for the germans.

I don't want Yet Another Prusa Shaped Printer, but I'm getting one.


I've got a P3Steel, which is solid, but I really like that this frame has space underneath for the electronics.

I forgot about the P3Steel. Went down a rabbit hole, ended up refreshing the links in the reprap wiki. The Spaniards love it.

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Is that a single stepper driving Z with different length of belts ? I like the idea of a steel frame but "hanging" lead screws and different length of belts..... not sure.


PS: Have seen the gallery now, its one belt only but still different length. I wonder if possible flex in the belt could cause issues accelerating the Z movement. With 2 belts of same length it would be the same delay I guess but one belt...... idk.