Detect crash detection


Is there any way that Octoprint can detect a crash detection on my Prusa i3 Mk3 ? I just found out that my print has been paused for two hours, after a tangled spool.

If would be great if Octoprint van detect that and sent out notification or something, so I know something is wrong.

Would be nice. Been thinking about this for all the mmu2 errors.

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I have a project on my backburner which involves detecting when the filament is no longer rotating (which is a better detection of filament runout). This would have detected your eventual pausing of your print progress, in theory. I have no ETA on delivery of that, I just mention that sometimes you can think differently about detection.

OTOH How about attaching an encoder to the axel that the filament spool is mounted on ?

I thought of that. Here's what I came up with... just add in a sheet of checkerboard cut into a circle which is between the layers. The cool thing about it is that the mouse driver just works since it's native to Raspbian. You just detect mouse movement (pretty simple in python).

I just have yet to tie all this together into a plugin.

The first gcode to detect has gotta be this:

Recv: echo:busy: paused for user

For my cases I want to detect not that it appeared once, but that it's been looping on that for more than N amount of time, probably a minute or 5 minutes. Then send notification.

I don't know what notification others would prefer. I've long been annoyed at the twilio plugins, so my first inclination is a plugin exclusive to prusa+twilio.

@mjanssen do you know what the error after crash detection looks like?

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Sorry for the late reply. :frowning:

I wouldn't know how the error looks. Haven't got one in a while now. When I get one, I'll watch for the error and let you know.