Disable calling home for anything including updates or announcements

In my view, when you deactivate "anonymous" usage statistics, you also do not want the OP to call home for any other thing.
Let alone downloading any kind of plugins, that might allow shell access to a malicious actor.
Of course my device is in an isolated VLAN, so no worries for me, but maybe check back with GDPR too.
Also I only use an older version of OP, maybe that issue is fixed in a newer one. Anyway these are just my 2 Cents!

I probably won't be back and won't read responses.

You can:

  • Disable the announcements plugin
  • Disable the software update plugin
  • Disable the plugin manager
  • Disable the connectivity checking
  • Disable the anonymous usage tracking

There might be something I've missed. If you want to lock it down, then you can and there is no barrier to doing so.

All OctoPrint services are in full compliance with GDPR.

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If they even read this...