Disable Hotend Runaway Error (HotEnd Only)

Hello. I'm currently working on a project that uses 3d printer parts and octoprint. It is not an actual 3d printer but hopefully you can help. I'll cut straight to the chase. I wanted to see if there was a way to deactivate the runaway heating error just for the extruder. There are no safety concerns as my project doesn't even use a real hotend. I'm just using the hotend thermistor as a method of recording temperatures. However, the hotend runaway error isn't allowing me to continue with my project the way I want, as the temperature i'm recording takes a while to increase. Is there a way to deactivate this error just for the hotend? (I am still using a heated bed)

I believe you can accomplish this by compiling your own firmware. Without details on the firmware and controller board you are using, there's not much else we can help with.


With Klipper you could do without the extruder and use the extruder thermistor as a simple temperature sensor.

Could be a bit more easy than reworking the marlins firmware.

Hi! Thanks that sounds like it could be the solution I’m looking for. Just one question. I still would want to be able to use the M109 G-code command. Basically I want the print to only start once the desired temperature is reached on the extruder thermistor. Would this solution interfere with that?