Disable Webcam image in browser

Lots of posts for cam no working.. I want to disable the video on the chromium browser running on the pi desktop not the cam itself.. Stream works great remotely to another computer but there doesn't seem be be enough resources or maybe it's the HDMI to VGA adapter that is the bottle neck.. either way, I don't need the cam feed on the console that is right next to the printer. I can just close the browser but would rather leave it up so I have fast access to it should the need arise.
Any idea if this is possible.. maybe something in about:config??

You may benefit from the Webcam tab. That way the camera view is totally moved to it's own tab and doesn't interfere with the controls or try to load, etc.


I will give it a try and see how it works. The reason I want it off is to reduce the CPU load on the Pi .. don't want my print stopping because the cpu is busy with chromium ..


  • moving the webcam to another tab on the interface still consumes the resource on the Chromium-based browser on the Pi itself, I'd suggest
  • preventing the JavaScript from loading the resource might be the way to go
  • trying to edit the config.yaml would just turn off the service, which doesn't sound like what you're looking for

I think I'd try for the second version and then access the camera via http://octopi.local:8080/?action=stream from the remote computer.

You could also write a plugin that combines stopping the loading with a link or button or something to make it load. Or a link or button that removes the element, so you can load up chromium and then turn off the webcam view on that particular interface.

Ideally, whether you have it default to on or off should be a plugin configuration choice, and you should apply both above cases, so that it is useful for whichever use case plugin users happen to have; it would save someone who needs the opposite from having to figure out everything you had to figure out to write it all over again.

Unfortunately writing a plugin is not in the cards at atm. I have not learned Python yet, nor do I have the time to do so right now. I have sent a mail to the author of Webcam Tab asking if he can add this feature to provide a stop/start button that would stop the display locally at the browser level without interruption of the webcam stream from the servers.
If anyone has any other ideas I am all ears.. tried a couple of blocker with the URL of the cam image but with no success.

Update, problem solved!
I must never have checked Nmon after installing the webcam tab plugin. The Author responded to my mail and told me the stream is disabled when it is no long in focus so putting the webcam on it's own tab does exactly what is needed! @jneilliii thank you for the suggestion it is perfect!

Great, glad to help.