Discourse - great choice for forum


As a system admin of a Discourse forum for our project over the past 2yrs I think you will find this software extremely well thought out and easy to manage. It is enough different and unique in many ways that some will find it confusing, even objectionable, to some traditional forums -- However, it will grow on you :wink:


I'm actually quite fond of it already. I played around with this and NodeBB ages ago. The new generation of software certainly has reinvented a lot of things and solved a whole lot of issues in the process. The trust level approach alone is invaluable.


Tom is using phpBB for discuss.toms3d.org which is crap because you have always to relogin after some minutes signed in.

Discourse is fine :smiley:


I have to say that this would be the least of my worries with phpBB.