Discussing the new camera-streamer based webcam stack for OctoPi currently in development

Info and feedback ticket here.

In order to not have that drown in "how do I get camera X to work" kind of back and forth that isn't actual feedback, please use this thread.

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I'm having troubles getting the 16MP Autofocus Arducam (IMX519) to work with octoprint. Does anybody know how to do it?

I don't mind if the autofocus doesn't work...
Do I need to install the additional libcamera apps? (Quick Start - Arducam Wiki)

What do I need to change/add in the config?

Hello @Nevio_024 !

Hi! I was in the thread before, @ foosel told me to write here, since the other one is for webcam streamer feedback.

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I see, sorry for my comment.

It seems ayufan suggested we need to install the drivers from arducam and recompile , time to dig through the instructions over there and let's recovine here later :slight_smile:

No problem!

Do you know how to do the recompiling stuff?

so this looks positive

Autofocus in Libcamera (for Arducam 16MP camera) - Raspberry Pi Forums

Did you try it and did it work? :star_struck:

not yet , its a weekend job as ill need to sit read and think ALOT :smile:


I‘m currently trying to set it up with ayufan‘s camera-streamer, but it didn‘t really work yet. Think I need to download some libcamera stuff.

My plan is to wipe and reinstall octopi using the latest image

Install drivers from arducam site

Review which option best for libcamera as arducam have there own build and whilst I think the changes have been put in a PR upstream I'm not sure it's in place yet

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I have the new Pi V3 camera running with libcamera. It took bit of fiddling to get the options right but it has a great image. I used camera-streamer to build, test and run. I couldn’t get ustreamer to work because of an “invalid option” error it throws but doesn’t identify the source. There is an open issue for it on github.

Please give me feedback when you tried it out. :grin:

Edit: After installing the camera streamer and fiddling around with the config.txt the URL (http://neptune2s.local:8080/stream) doesn't show me the stream. I might need to install all the arducam driver stuff.

What steps did you do to get it working?

Ok so I've had no luck with the new image and adding the drivers using the arducam PI setup, part of there script throws up an error as the driver it asks for doesn't exist

Back to reading

note the pi v3 is a different beast to the Arducam 16mp AF

using the instructions here4 - Quick Start - Arducam Wiki

Note i believe teh script all adds teh config.txt changes

dtoverlay=vc4-kms-v3d # and comment out vc4-fkms-v3d
dtoverlay=imx519 # arducam 16MP

and then following ayufan's compile instructions I have a stream

git clone GitHub - ayufan/camera-streamer: High-performance low-latency camera streamer for Raspberry PI's --recursive
apt-get -y install libavformat-dev libavutil-dev libavcodec-dev libcamera-dev liblivemedia-dev v4l-utils pkg-config xxd build-essential cmake libssl-dev

cd camera-streamer/
sudo make install

However, i still cant get AF to work

This is for the Pi V3 camera. It is the EXEC line(s) from my systemd service file:

ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/camera-streamer \
  --camera-path=/base/soc/i2c0mux/i2c@1/imx708@1a \
  --camera-type=libcamera \
  --camera-format=YUYV \
  --camera-width=2304 -camera-height=1296 \
  --camera-fps=30 \
  ; use two memory buffers to optimise usage
  --camera-nbufs=2 \
  ; the snapshot is 1920x1080
  --camera-snapshot.height=1080 \
  ; the video/webrtc is 1280x720
  --camera-video.height=720 \
  ; the stream is 853x480
  --camera-stream.height=1296 \
  ; enable continuous autofocus
  --camera-options=AfMode=2 \
  --camera-options=AfRange=2 \