Display current Print Speed

I'm looking for a way to display the current print speed in mm/s using OctoPrint while a print is in progress. I've looked thru the available plugins and did not see anything. Any help would be appreciated.


Obviously no one had a need for that yet.

Do you need the speed that is set by the gcode or the actual speed that is also influenced by the acceleration?

In what way should it be displayed?

I was just looking for the print speed as it is given in the gcode. I'm new to the 3D print world. I worked a lot on NC machines tools over the years and I see a lot of similarities to these printers and milling machines. And one thing every machine I worked on had was a display that gave the current feed, speed and location coordinates. I had attempted some simple gcode programming and it would have helped to see where the nozzle thought it was without digging thru the program code. And also, I thought I wasn't getting the speed change I requested with the "Change at Z" plugin and it also would have been nice to know what the machine speeds were during that change.

You might be able to work out something with Top Temp plugin. It can graph stuff while printing based on gcode responses from your printer, so assuming the firmware has some way of reporting that data it should be able to show it in the UI.

I don't think there is a way to get the current print speed from Marlin.
Most of the time there is constant acceleration and deceleration anyway so unless you're printing veeeeery slow or a cylinder in vase mode you wouldn't get accurate numbers anyway

OK. Thank you guys for answering. This looks like a good forum.

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Your slicer may show you one speed, but there are several depending on where on the print it is. The beginning is typically printed a bit slower than the rest. And only infill is actually printed at the speed show in slicer. Walls are printed with half that speed.

Well that highly depends on your slicer settings and isn't a general rule.

My walls for example are usually printed with 80-120 mm/s
while my infill is sometimes just 60 mm/s, because I print it at triple the layer height and with wider lines.

All slicers that I know have an option to show you the actual sliced speeds in the preview if you're interested :slight_smile:

and of course the printer might print slower, if your speed, jerk or acceleration settings exceeds the max values of the firmware