[DisplayLayerProgress 1.3.2] Incorrect Total Height


OctoPrint running on an Orange Pi Zero. OS - Armbian 5.38. OP version 1.38.

Just updated the plugin and now have the extra info displayed on OP and the printer display.

Problem is the thing I am printing is only about 10 mm high and the plugin is saying the Height is 75 mm.

The OP Gcode viewer reports total Height of 9.76.

Anyone know where the 75 mm comes from ?



the total height is the max z-value found in the gcode file.
See Homepage of plugin

  • The total height represents the highest Z-Value in the G-Code

The gcode viewer on the other side is a "full blown" gcode parser and do a lot of "magic" to calculate several things. Unfurtunaly I didn't found an easy interface to grep the gcode viewer information.

It looks like the max z-value is not the best solution....I will check if I could find a better way!

Please look at your gcode for max Z-Value. Maybe the plugin has an issue with this file.
If so, please report an issue on the issue tracker of the plugin.

Also, if you have suggestions and questions, please use the issue tracker as well. Im not tracking forum topics about the plugin...or you can create two "entries". One in the tracker for the plugin author and one forum entry for the big, great community :wink:

Thanks in advance


I had a line in my Cura startup script with Z75 in it.
I guess that is where the plugin was getting 75 from.
Thanks for the info.


@parthur Today I released Version 1.5 of the plugin.
Now you can choose between "total height-calculations":

  1. as before: max z-movement
  2. max z-movement plus extrusion in this height

Please give it a try