DisplayLayerProgress plugin question

New to 3d printing here and just started playing with my ender3 pro (stock motherboard)

I installed DisplayLayerProgress and I really like how the info is displayed on the printer lcd but I have 2 questions :

  1. I see that the info is displayed but it alternately switch to the default progress bar... is it possible to completely get rid of that progress bar ?

  2. I also installed the PrintTimeGenius plugin, is it possible to make DisplayLayerProgress to use the info from PrintTimeGenius instead of the regular ETA ?

Sorry if these questions are too basic !

In the OctoPrint Settings, you have a panel with the settings for DisplayLacerProgress:

I agree, and the DisplayLayerProgress get shown on the LCD but then the info alternate with the progress bar that I'm trying to get rid of as shown in the picture...

What other plugins do you have installed? The picture looks like my DisplayProgress plugin and that will obviously try to keep the same display updated that DisplayLayerProgress write to as well.

Lol... my bad... Sorry for that :slight_smile: Told you I was a beginner !

Thanks !