Do all plugin's play well together?

I have 2 printers, Ender3Pro, Ender3.v2. I have moved my Octoprint instance (the sd card) for both my servers from Rpi 3A+ to a Rpi 4-4GB. I've really had to coax my "almost standard" set of plugins onto each OctoPrint instance. I've actually used GParted to nuke the SD Card. Format to fat32, then run the RPI Imager to install the OctoPrint.img.

I've built a mini-script to "service octoprint restart" Sometimes, I can install 2 plugins before the interface locks up. Sometimes I can do 6-7. I've not found a pattern to this; 60% of the time, my restart script works, 40% a reboot is the only cure. Then another restart to avoid safe mode Thoughts/Ideas?

Not all plugins will work together, there are times when they don't.

There was a case I had that was a conflict between my plugin WS281x LED Status (which uses multiprocessing to drive the LEDs) and plugins using background non-daemon threads which were blocking shutdown.

Most of these issues are solvable though, so it would be worth it to try and work out what it might be.

Posting the log files here will help anyone coming by that knows of possible conflicts to help you out.

I figured they couldn't all play together, kind of like control panels & services in Mac OS 7.8.9. Everyone's setup is NOT the same. I use Cura on Ubuntu 20.10 or W10, I have a 1TB drive (that is backed up) as my repository. I'm still fighting with GSAMBA - admin. I hate WINS! It's an EVIL we'll never get rid of! I digress.

I wondered if I could save a backup of the configuration I like best & load it as a "restore" Clean up what is "left over" LOL ? ? Since I have identical Rpi4-4gb, and an Ender3Pro with the 4.2.7 mother board, and an Ender3.v2 with the 4.2.2 board. Firmware is appropriate to each board. Would that work?
I'm getting really fast at doing complete "re-setups" from a Scrubbed clean fat32 SD card. I figured out how to backup a .img & .iso files in linux, but it's a pain! I'm using SANdisk 64gb "white" & "gold" cards in these 2 servers. I save the "gray" SD's for experimental things. TY VM ... JLH