Do not try to install Octoprint on a single core Raspberry Pi

Hi guys for this first message i would just like to talk about my experience.
I discovered 1 month ago Octopi/Octoprint and decided to install it on my old Raspberry Pi (rev. B, 2011).
It was just a nightmare, soooo slow to start, to install plugin, to update, etc.
Finally, I decided to buy a Raspberry Pi 4, and the only think i can tell is WTF! I was soooo stupid to wait so long to acquire a Pi 4!
Everything is so fast so smooth so great!
So please DO NOT INSTALL OCTOPRINT on old version of PI like mine and just follow recommendations!

Guys, you made a great job! thanks for everything!



The Raspberry Pi Zero and Zero W are also single-core computers (with half the RAM), for what it's worth. It's also not recommended.

I did the same, I used to switch it all on go and have a cup of tea then it might have started up, now running a Pi 3 quad core and it flys along...

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