Docs: clicking on section header gives different (and invalid) section link

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I noticed that on Events — OctoPrint master documentation if I click "Available Events" in the table of contents or the "¶" next to the "Available Events" section header I get #available-events appended to the url. However, if I click the "Available Events" section header, I get #id5 appended to the end of the url and the resulting url (Events — OctoPrint master documentation) does not work (ie it does not link to the "Available Events" section).

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I can't seem to be able to reproduce this (and even if I could, there would not be much I could do here since those links are generated by sphinx based on the inserted headers).

When I click on the link in the TOC, I get #available-events. When I click on the paragraph symbol next to the header, I get the same.

@foosel the issue address when you click on the section header text itself (in this case, the large "Available Events" text). Did you try that?

It depends if you consider it as broken I guess - clicking on the section header navigates you back to the ToC, whereas clicking on the paragraph symbol gets you the link to that section.

From as far as I can see, it behaves exactly as it is supposed to behave, as @Charlie_Powell described it.


This leads to the #available-events fragment, the headline back to the toc. That's exactly the way as it should be and how sphinx docs work.