Documentation on plug-ins

I have two questions:

  1. Is there some sort of documentation on how to write plug-ins for Octoprint?
  2. Is there some way in a plug-in to intercept the shutdown command, and then have the plug-in issue the shutdown command to octoprint?

My intent here is when a shutdown command is issued to Octopi, to trigger one of the I/O pins on the PI to trigger a relay, which, upon an N second delay, will shut down the power supply on the 3D printer. I know there is something like that out there, but it uses WiFi (which I don't use-the PI is Ethernet connected) and is way too complected for what I want to do. I can certainly build the hardware. I just need to integrate it into Octopi.

Thanks in advance.


The OctoPrint documentation is excellent and includes a section on developing plugins.


And yes. There is a shutdown event that your plugin can handle