Does Octoprint do a full upload or does it read the file from disk as it goes?

When I drag and drop a file into Octoprint, does the file get loaded into the server completely, or does Octoprint read it from the disk over the duration of the print?

Here's the scenario: I have a PC that I prefer to design on, and another PC that I run Octoprint on. If I load a file from Design-PC to Print-PC using a network share and the network goes down, does Octoprint lose access to the file, or is it already completely loaded?

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The gcode file is transferred to OctoPrint as a complete file.
So OctoPrint server can "print" independently.


When you drag and drop it gets transferred to the server and saved there. As the file is printing it reads it bit by bit from the server storage (loading the whole thing to memory is slow). If you mount the uploads folder on the network, then it will lose access to the file if the network goes down. You can mount the 'watched' folder on the network, files here are copied to the uploads folder locally (not on the network) and this is no longer an issue.


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