Does OctoPrint White Label or OEM exist


I have a question and figured I would ask on here to see. I am currently building a custom 3d printer based off of a finisher unit on a copier that has a 500gb computer that is the printer server for it. I have been thinking about building some other custom ones for people as they have been asking about it but I wanted to use OctoPrint software on these machines potentially.

My question is is there any kind of OEM or White Label offering for OctoPrint software available. If i do end up selling some I want to potentially include this software on it.

I am new to all of this as in 3d printjngbbut have learned a lot on my current journey and i want others to see the potential also that this software has.

Thank You in advanced and i hope this was the right place. Please feel free to reply and close or move if needed.

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Thanks for asking. I'm sure @foosel would love to weigh in here. She has a donation page here. For professional products I would guess that the level is $90/month but she could tell you better.

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Thank You for the response back regarding this. @foosel i would love to speak with you in regards to potential options of you have the time. If you would like my personal email please let me know where to send it to.

Thank You in advance for you time and look forward to potentially speaking with you.

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