Double print Gcode from cura without queuing while offline


I use octoprint 1.3.10 on rpi3 to talk o my creality ender3
I noticed a strange behaviour while printing from cura 3.6:
initial state:
cura running, octoprint running, ender offline

1: slicing in cura, then "print with octoprint"
getting a message like "offline", and a button "queue print", just close the dialog

1,bis: saving this file to disk makes a 3Mb file.

at this point, octoprint received nothing (files section)

2: power up the printer, make octoprint connected to it.

3: in cura, "print with octoprint", leads to "sending to octoprint"
but file is twice bigger !

So, not sure who's doing wrong ? cura ? cura plugin ?

(excuse my english, i'm french)


There's an updated version of the OctoPrint Connection plugin in the MarketPlace that fixes this bug.


Hi FieldOfView,
I'm now running 3.5.3

I did the test agai, this is solved !
thanks, and "bonne année" :smiley: