Downloading OctoPi image taking suspicially long time

Downloading OctoPi image taking suspiciously long time. At least from the official link. Compare this with the one I'm downloading from the mirror.

This happened 12:23, 2020-06-27

This isn't a complaint or anything. It's just a heads up if there's something with the server or anything else that needs a friendly hand or support. :slight_smile:

I must add that I also do not rule out that the fault lies with my connection. It takes quite a long time to download Etcher as well ... But that does not explain the discrepancy between the main download link and the mirror... Or is this summer heat just making me stupid? :thinking: :crazy_face:

I think you had bad peering or something.

Works ok for me :slight_smile:


Are you connected via cable or via WiFi to the Router? If the latter, maybe there is much traffic on the channel you use.