Draft Printing Layers

I often print panels around 60mm x 120mm and 4mm deep. I always go through several 'drafts" before it's ready for full printing. Making sure holes line, all inserts are correctly sized, etc. In order to do this 'draft' process in an expeditious way, I usually only need to print my mock up prototype with the first couple of layers. Is there a way in OctoPrint to tell the printer to only print 2 layers and then stop. The reason I ask is, now I stop the printer manually after the first layers. This requires me to be at the printer physically. I would like to simply instruct OctoPrint through a software setting for unattended printing instead.

This process also allows me to use up partial spools of filament as well.

I'm not aware of any OctoPrint plugin with that feature, but you could either edit the gcode (just delete everything between layer 2 and the end gcode) or slice it upside down and set the Z height to (modelheight - (modelheight - (2x layerheight)).
So if you're using 0.2 layers and the model got 100mm height it would be -99.6.

Here's an example

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This would be a relatively straightforward plugin to make, but it doesn't currently exist (that I am aware of).

Some slicers have the feature to cut the model at a certain height...

Also do this all the time. I've been looking for a plugin (slicer and Octoprint : no luck). Posting a feature request on Cura Git for a feature allowinhg for printing portions of the model (using blockers to remove unwanted portions). No luck.
So I'm still doing boolean operations in CAD software... and sometime start printing forgetting the model was chopped everywhere !

I'm still a noob at 3D printing and just trying to figure out the hardware side of printing and all the settings in Cura too. I pretty much have found a sweet spot, so generally leave my default settings - except for selecting the Build Plate Adhesion options before slicing.

Since I'm still trying to make friendly with FreeCAD, I resort to using FPE (Front Panel Express) software. Something I do know. :slight_smile: Normally, I would create a panel for whatever I was building and send it off for milling on my own material - 8mm solid aluminum panels. However, I found that I can use FPE in a rather unconventional way that allows me to make prototype samples of panels for smaller projects. With this method I start with a desired thickness of a panel and then use the software to create holes, or other shapes, even blind areas. When I get to Cura, I simple flip the panel 180 degrees and let my Ender print it basically upside down. But the good part is, since I use a glass build plate, it produces a nice smooth, exposed side. I know it's a pretty bizarre method, but it works. I've figured out a good work flow that involves FPE, FreeCAD and Cura and then let OctoPrint do it's thing. While my approach may be rather unique, I am able to create excellent panels - for mockups and many to use with the final print. I am restricted on doing more exoctic or esoteric printing, but it suits my needs.