Dremel 3d20 support


Hey so as far as I'm aware dremel opensourced the 3d20, is there anyone else that would like to get this working on the printer. I believe it uses the standard printing gcode. I'm happy to do test if required


I would be very interested. The Dremel software doesn't make me all too happy sometimes - while slicing figures they disappear into a few floating pieces... (.stl-files checked with Flashprint and Meshmixer)


Don't forget this thread and this cloud-based website which supports it.


So... here we are in 2019, Dremel has upgraded firmware in the 3D20, so that it now uses normal code, instead of their old, proprietary file format. Still can't write to it via USB, as it's ID is not recognized, meaning that no one, anywhere, has written a driver for the port.

Does the fact that the job is now limited to a USB driver make it any easier to fix this issue? Dremel has, so far, been unhelpful, indicating that, "Someday", they may offer support, but that they don't currently have enough demand to put any effort into it.


Check back in on that first link I posted and engage in conversation like this.