Dry Box/Dehydrator Control

Attached is a dry box/dehydrator implementation using ESP8266 (node mcu) , BME280 (sensor), Relay , 1602 Display. It is copy of code from various internet sources/programs/you tube but finally working. Please feel free to modify and integrate into Octoprint if suitable. It works as a standalone dry box control loop with output to MQTT server which interfaces with home assistant (IOT) and ESP web server (if you are interested in data trending)
BME sensor can be replaced by DHT11/22 if you may.

Attachment - Schematics
Arduino file

ThanksArchive.zip (298.2 KB)


Nice, I'm working on the same thing using a Tasmota relay device with sensor and controlling a 12" gun safe dehumidifier (stick heater).

Sounds cool project too.

I actually just thought about doing this last night. I wanted to make one with my filaweigher filament scale/spool holder built into it. It also uses an ESP8266.

With my Tasmota plugin it's able to monitor and graph the sensor data.

You are welcome.

Is the graph in octoprint or in webinterface?

Inside OctoPrint as a tab. Here's a full view.

the above code (arduino one I posted) is already publishing stats temp/humidity via mqtt to homeassistant which can be graphed. I probably might be able to do the same with octoprint but unsure how to do that.