Easy Servo - a cosmetics mismatch

well, there happens a more cosmetic issue to my OctoPrint (1.4.2, Python 3.6.7) with newly installed plugin Easy Servo:
The down-button isn't where he should.

Any idea?

Report it to the author on Github, not everyone follows the forums here. Looks like you also have an additional plugin installed providing similar controls below, maybe they are conflicting?

Could you try this version and tell me if it's fixed ? Or you could also add me on Discord: iFrostizz#5067

OctoPrint-EasyServo-master.zip (963.8 KB)


unfortunately it's not really fixed. But it's starting to get funny :smirk:
Take it easy. It's just cosmetics

It's fine, the problem is that it's not happening on my side. Do you have other plugins displaying stuff in the control tab ?

Yes, other systems, other bugs :upside_down_face:
I wrote you a PM. Thanks for your fast reaction.,