Easy Servo - Limits cause servos to stop working

Hi all

OK, have the, excellent, plug Easy Servo all up and running (though I'm not using Z tracking yet).

All works beautifully, except for one thing ..... When the servo reaches whatever limit I've set for the X or Y axis, be it the maximum or minimum, it reaches that point and won't move again. I think the default values for both were 0 degrees minimum and 180 max. The servos I'm using have a 180 degree range.

It's a plugin issue, rather than hardware or wiring I'm certain. For instance, if I set the max and min limits to, say, 20 min and 160 max the servos behave correctly until they reach 20, or 160, degrees and then won't move again. Even just tested with the X at 20/140 and the Y at 30/150 and if either reached the limit set for that axis that servo stops working. By "working" I mean they no longer respond to commands from the plugin. They do still have power I think, as I can't turn them by hand, which I can do once there's no power.

In case it's relevant, if I reboot Octoprint the servos then correctly home, both to 90 degrees and then work correctly. However, the same thing as above happens. again if a limit is reached.

Anyone got any ideas on what might be happening?

I use a servo plugged into an Octopus V1.1 Board and controlled in the G-Start code

I use commands like M280 P1 S95 to move this servo;

I had some intermimet issues.

These issues where fixed using a 1000uF Low ESR capacitor on the Servo Power leads, since I have have no more issues with the uses of my servo.

It is known for Servos to cause interference with signals*. A diode may fix this issue.

I placed a 1000uF 50 Volt low ESR Electrolytic capacitor across the 5 Volt supply to my servo.