Easy servo - M118 command not working

I have octoprint 1.9.0 and Easy servo plugin 0.2.4. In the octorpint GUI, the servo control works, but the M118 EASYSERVO_ABS 12 90 command does not work for me. When I send the command in the terminal nothing happens, no errors.
I have a Vertex K8400 printer and firmware 1.4.
What could be the reason?

How can I control the servo from the command line?

Hello @sp7dpt !

Does the firmware support the M118 command?

vy 73

M117 : Set LCD Message - works, put text on LCD

M118 : Serial print - how can I test?

OK, I found in my marlin readme file:

  • M115 - Capabilities string
  • M117 - display message
  • M119 - Output Endstop status to serial port

M118 is missing.

The Marlin Gcode documentation has an M118 entry.

The RepRap Wiki also has an M118 entry.

So the only remaining requirement is for the Vertex K8400 printer firmware 1.4 to have support for M118. The first question would be what version of Marlin is it based on? The second question would be where are the source files for the firmware which, by license, Vertex is required to provide.

Vertex firmware is here https://cdn.velleman.eu/downloads/files/vertex/firmware/vertex-m1-v1.4-h1.zip

Appears to based on Marlin 1.0.0 from 2014-2015. M118 wasn't added to Marlin until 1.1.4. See https://marlinfw.org/meta/download/ for various versions of Marlin.

OK, thank you for the information