Easy-to-install Keyboard/Touchpad for Raspi

I purchased yesterday a Stellar Labs Wireless Mini QWERTY Keyboard w/Touchpad for $19.95 plus tax and installed it today on the Raspberry Pi 3 inside my printer. This could not have been easier.

  1. Remove the USB dongle from the back of the keyboard
  2. Plug it into one of the USB ports on the Raspi
  3. Turn on the keyboard

I didn't have to pair anything on the Desktop at all; it just works. Even though I have a TFT screen, this ought to make things slightly easier to manage, that's all.


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Sorry, e pluging directly into the pi running OctoPrint? Can you get a display out from the same Pi?

Oh, sorry. You probably missed the other thread describing the TFT screen and Black Pearl theme for that.

And yes, the USB dongle for the wireless keyboard plugs directly into the Raspi.