Embed only specific portions of octoprint?

Sorry if this is better suited for "Get help."

Curious if I can embed only the "state" group and possibly the temperature graph to create a live status screen on a display attached to my enclosure. (no user input just purely a display - likely a browser window in kiosk mode)

Most of the documentation and google searches I've done seem to only address embedding the entire octoprint UI and if or how to load specific portions of it (unless I critically overlooked something - which is very possible).

I have some basic web development skills (as in HTML and CSS only), and inspecting the related <div> elements doesn't really net me any leads on how I could load these specifically even if I had this display linked to the same pi as whats actually hosting the server... is this something that has been done before? CAN it be done?

I currently have a print running so I've yet to begin experimenting but some poking around suggests I could use Jquery to possibly achieve what I want but I just want to make sure I'm not overlooking something and trying to reinvent the wheel.

You are correct. The entire UI is loaded at once and there is no way to only load certain elements. You could find a way to hide other elements but you will still need to load everything.

There is good documentation for the REST API and WebSockets. There are also some plugins which re-implement the core temp graph if you wanted additional examples to work from.

The Dashbord plugin would be a possible fit for this. It has a full screen URL you can use to automatically go into that mode, and it's configurable for what is displayed I think.

Thank you, I will look into that :slight_smile: