Enclosure Plugin temp delay

hi i have a dht22 and a ds18b20 that work fine in my octoprint. im using Enclosure Plugin.
but my problem is the rate of reading temp in both of my sensors are about 1 per 8 seconds.
is it posible to reduce the delay of reading the temp sensors? maybe 1 per 2 seconds is fine for me
thank u.

You should be able to poll this device quicker than 8 sec.. The documentation states that it takes about 2 seconds to get an update. In my experience trying to get it at 2 seconds is a bit hit and miss but 3 seconds or pretty consistent and reliable .

This device is much faster, you can achieve 1 second response updates from this device. I have seens this in practice and it for sure is very responsive at this rate and longer.

The above is true in relation to the device. That is the good news.

The bad news is that unless there is some way already built into the PlugIn, you may be out of luck unless you want to dig into the code itself.

I am not really very familiar with how the Enclosure plugin does the comm to these devices. I took a very quick look at the code and did not see an obvious setup for how the timing is set for requesting the device to return a value. It might be lib specific or it might just be a function of what else the PlugIn is doing. The Enclosure plugin has been looking for someone to take it over for a while and updates have not been made in what looks like 2 years.