Enclosure Plugin Updates?

Does anyone know if the Enclosure plugin is still being maintained? It's been a couple of months since @vitormhenrique has acknowledged a bug report or feature request.

I have a couple of bug fixes and new features I'm maintaining in my local copy. I've also developed a new plugin to extend the functionality of the Enclosure plugin. This functionality would be best integrated with the Enclosure plugin.

I'm just trying to understand whether I should wait for Enclosure plugin maintenance or "solidify" my own efforts.

Some devs don't work on the code all the time and instead do it when motivated(I'm one of them), Doesn't seem like the case here though.

That is not true, I updated few issues few months (weeks) ago, as well had a big warning on the main page saying that I broke both bones of my left arm, and had a long way to recovery.

If you actually see the development branch I'm working on a total new version of the plugin from scratch, to be python 3 compatible, easier to use and with many more features.

I have a full time job, and programing was just a thing that i did for fun, but now I'm doing a masters on Computer Science, working on a startup company and so many different projects that is hard to get everything done...


That's why I linked it. You should push that README to master :slight_smile:

OMG, haven't realized that it wasn't on master! I was definitely high on pain killers! thanks @kantlivelong


My apologies, @vitormhenrique! I hadn't seen any activity. I guess I just didn't know where to look. I hope you're well on your way to a full recovery.

I'm using the Enclosure plugin to control three SUNLU filament dryers each with a BME280 Qwiic I2C temperature / humidity sensor and fan. The three BME280 sensors required I introduce an eight-channel Qwiic I2C mux. I'm using a single 30 VDC / 10 Amp power supply (in place of the individual SUNLU 24 VDC power supplies) and I've been able to increase the SUNLU maximum temperature from 55oC to 70oC. The SUNLU heating elements and fans are controlled via a pair of quad Qwiic I2C relays.

I have a Qwiic I2C pause / cancel button, start / resume button and BigTreeTech filament sensors I've converted to Qwiic I2C.

I've recently incorporated a HEPA / activated-carbon air purifier and a compact Lasko space heater (based on your recommendation). The air purifier has a three-speed fan. I plan to use three Enclosure plugin cooler controllers and one heater controller to control the air purifier and space heater via another quad Qwiic I2C relay.

In short, I'm absolutely thrilled with the Enclosure plugin. I'm hoping you will consider adding (additional native) I2C support to the Enclosure plugin.

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