Enclosure Plugin with PMW fan

Anyone know how to configure the Enclosurer Plugin with Nocturna 5v pmw fan.
I not sure how to wire or set the settings. I want to run Fan PMW off of temp 1.
Im using a 74AHCT125 level shifter, Using GPIO pin 18. using level shifter to go to 5 volts on PMW line in to fan. Fan runs when the PMW line is disconnected.
Temp sensors work and report correctly.

I assume you made your fan setup according this site:

If not, maybe you find a clue there.

Yes followed that and can not get the fan to work. Don't have scope. Looks like others have same problem. Does anyone actually have the pmw working

Got a DSO180 Oscilloscope found the problem was the settings. Hooked the NOCTUA FAN PMW lead direct to the PI, pin18. Did not need 74AHCT125 - QUAD LEVEL-SHIFTER to 5 volts. The Default Duty Cycle must be set to 0 and PWM Frequency to 2500 not 25000 like the guide says.

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