Enclosure plugin

Since the project seems to be a little abandoned in GitHub - vitormhenrique/OctoPrint-Enclosure: OctoPrint Enclosure Plugin
I ask here just in case someone knows.
Is there a way of having different settings for the enclosure plugin depending on the material we are printing?
Why I ask this....In case I'm printing PLA I want the fan to start to keep a low ambient temp and not the heater.
But when printing ABS, I want the fan to only start a certain degree of my temperature sensor, and also I want the heater to start and keep the enclosure heated.

One option would be to write a complex python or bash script that runs before every print, but I'm trying to avoid that.

Thanks a lot

I can't see any functionality like this in the enclosure plugin. I don't think the script to change the settings would be too complicated but I don't know the exact details of what you're trying to do.

This is my problem.
When printing ABS I want the heater on and the fan to only start when 60 degress ambient temperature on the enclosure is reached, also the heater to go off. The idea is to keep the ambient temperature at 60 degrees while printing ABS, and when the printing is done, while the enclosure is cooling, start the fan and filter the fumes, before opening the door.
When printing PLA, i dont want the heater on, but I want the fan to be on, as I dont want the ambient temperature to go past 35/40 degrees.
Maybe im missing something, but i couldnt find how to do it.
Or maybe theres a way of achieving this differently or i'm just talking nonsense. Anyway, for me it. makes a lot of sense :slight_smile: