Ender 3 Pro stops mid print

If you're not using anything after startup which could affect the z-height (like a nozzle cleaning routine) and you're not slicing for vase mode (which makes z-based triggers impossible) and you're not having the hotend purge at the back of the print bed (again, changing the z-height) then you're down to just simple time-based timelapses.

It may be worth rechecking to make sure that both ends of your Pi's power adapter are firmly connected. (A moving printer can vibrate things loose, to include the power.)

I have problem with print stop now. And what I have changed is power source and timelapse to z-based. So one of these caused my problems.
Octoprint is running on laptop. I checked that simple table light can stop print if you turn it on and off ten times.

Plug your printer into a UPS and you can disco your table light if you want to.