Ender 3 v2 does not extrude filament after a color change pause from Prusa Slicer

I sliced a design using Prusa Slicer 2.3.1 with a Color Change Pause at layer 22 of 26. I am printing the file from my Octopi running the latest 1.6.1 code. After the printer finished the filament change process at layer 22, it starts back print however, no filament is being extruded from the print head.

Extremely frustrating!! Has anyone experienced the same thing and if so, how did you solve the problem?

i dont know prusa slicer and i think more info would be helpful...

when you say color change, do you mean manually change the Filament or do you mean switch to a second printhead ?
what command was used ?

looking in my magic Glass Globe :smiley:: maybe the printer wants to continue printing with a non existing second printhead ? ( did you have a look at the gcode ? )

Hi Patron,

It's a manual Filament Change using M600 g-code on a Single Printhead (T0). I searched the g-code to see if it was trying to print to a second printhead however, the only printhead g-code listed is for T0.


What Firmware are you using ?

because the stock ender 3 v2 Firmware doesn't support M600 as far as i know...

either flash a Firmware that supports M600, or use something else.
i use M29 ( my Ender 3 Pro has the same problem with the not supported M600 command )

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You could also use the command @pause which is a command for OctoPrint, and add your own gcode script to do everything OctoPrint's side rather than in the firmware.

GCODE Scripts - more nifty pause and resume

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My firmware is Jyers Marlin 1.3.2. Not sure if it supports M600. I would think that it does but, I'm going to confirm.

Thanks Charlie! I will take a look at doing the Pause / Resume commands via Octoprint and not the slicer.