Ender 3 v3 se ABL

I was wondering if ABL in ender 3 v3 se will work with OCTOPRINT.
I'd like to search for a feature that makes this work, but I can't find any information on SE.
The octoprint seems to work independently of my printer.
While using octoprint, the display on my printer is just the main menu screen.
If so, my guess is that the ABL function and Auto Z-offset are actually not communicating with octoprint.

The ABL functions should all be handled by your printer - OctoPrint does not do this, it doesn't try and get involved in the process. We know there's some printers that store the levelling data on the SD card, so make sure you still keep this in while using OctoPrint. Can't say for sure this occurs with your printer, it's just one theory.