Ender 5 Pro, new firmware & Octoprint

I'm thinking about changing firmware to something other than Creality for my printer. It's pretty easy to go back and forth with a 2nd SD card if I had to.

I'm curious what effect - if any - changing the firmware on the printer would have with respect to Octoprint recognizing, controlling or, any aspect of working together. The USB port will remain the same, so it'll come up attached to the same location....

Generally, my prints are actually turning out good, maybe even better than expected. (If it's not broke, don't fix it? LOL). I've come across some discussions that suggest the Creality firmware is buggy with ABL, and there's that double temperature (TT::205.00205.00....) reporting that drives me nuts (I've tried a couple filters and still not removing that).. So these two items make me want to consider alternatives. I certainly don't want to break the Octoprint functionality - and I doubt it would. Just curious


You don't generally lose anything by getting rid of Creality's firmware - if anything you will gain some more features Creality don't enable themselves, if you wanted to. And of course getting rid of some of the bugs like double temperature reporting.

Creality's firmware is built off Marlin, so installing normal Marlin from https://marlinfw.org (building yourself or finding a prebuilt version somewhere else) will not really change how the printer works.

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