Enhancing OctoPrint Web SD File Search

Hello OctoPrint Community,

I would like to introduce a proposed enhancement to the OctoPrint Web SD File Search and would love to hear your feedback!

The current file search feature only looks for files in the current directory view, ignoring files inside folders. This limitation can be frustrating for users who organize their files hierarchically.

To address this, I created a request issue #4826 and a pull request #4827 that should improve the file search to include searching inside folders. This enhancement will provide a more comprehensive search experience, making it easier to locate files stored within nested folders.

I believe this enhancement should be part of OctoPrint's core, aligning with common file management practices. Your input is crucial in shaping this feature and ensuring it meets your needs.

I invite you to test the new feature and share your thoughts.
Your feedback will help refine the implementation and make OctoPrint even better.

Best regards,

Hello @dtibi !

Do you mean the printer's SD card?

The current file search functionality on the device's storage, typically an SD card on a Raspberry Pi, needs improvement. Take a look at the image below:

Currently, the search only looks for files in the current directory and doesn't search inside folders. It should be enhanced to search recursively through all directories.!