Error "could not parse output from pip"

Ok im a complete noob when it comes to octoprint and raspberry Pi. I have a Pi 3B+ running OctoPrint 1.4.0 running on OctoPi 0.17.0, and i've installed plugin's ok from the manager and octoprint is running ok.
Today ive tried to install 2 different plugins and both showing the same error, how do I fix this issue?
plugin_pluginmanager_console.log (69.6 KB) octoprint (1).log (228.7 KB)

I'm not sure what happens there so I'm bumping this post.
Maybe somene of the plugin devs or @foosel got an idea.

Looks like file system corruption. Might be salvageable by recreating the virtual environment or fdisk, but might as well not.

In case you are in the habit of simply pulling power from the Pi instead of cleanly shutting it down: don't.