Error on ABL Expert Plugin with TH3D Firmware

Hello everyone !

This is my first post here, i just installed octoprint in my Ender 3 Pro and it's awsome !!! But... I cannot use the plugin ABL Expert to move the Z probe offset. I have an error, see the image below. I understand that it can't save into EEPROM but in my printer i have no problem to save the value into the EEPROM. Honestly, i'm not very good with all the programming stuff :confused: If someone could help me :slight_smile:
For information, i use the TH3D Firmware withe the Probe LJC18A3
I have joined the Firmware that i use.

Thanks a lot !!! :slight_smile: (1.1 MB)

You might try posting this on the TH3D forum to see what they might say.

Thanks for the answer, i'm going to post it on the TH3D forum.
But are we ok that TH3D firmware is like Marlin ?
But maybe i should move toward a BL Touch which as is own running plugin.

It IS Marlin :wink:

Thanks for the answer. But it's a marlin a little bit modified, maybe there is some variable which have a different name compared to TH3D firmware. And maybe it's why i have this error message.
After, maybe it could be possible to had a plugin to change this value with a TH3D software but i need a year i think :sweat_smile:

Well everyone can config their marlin firmware as they want - I could name mine WeezlWare :wink:

Pix or it didn't happen.

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