Error when installing the dev and plugin options on fresh Raspbian lite (buster)

Hello all,

Trying to get introduced into the development side of things, and ran into a snag when following the instructions on the "setting up development environment" page of the documentation.

I get an error when it gets to the Pygments section after running the pip install -e .[develop,plugins] command:
ERROR: Package 'Pygments' requires a different Python: 2.7.16 not in '>=3.5'

I can't get past this step to finish the installation onto my Pi 3B. I assume that this is a problem with Python versions, but I got past this stage when I did this on my Ubuntu laptop earlier this weekend. Has something changed since then? Any thoughts?


I appears from the pygments github page that they removed python 2 support on March 8, 2020. So I am not sure how I managed to get this installed on Friday on my ubuntu laptop, unless it somehow used python 3.

Thinking back - I am now questioning whether I installed the dev version this past weekend on Ubuntu or if I just installed the normal version of octoprint. So that may explain why I was not getting the error over the weekend. So my question still stands - is there any way to proceed, or am I stuck just installing the non-dev version?