Event when all printing activities are done

I have light on/off script linked to events. However, currently I have to have for each from printdone, printcancelled, printfailed tha same event, to turn lights off. Can we get some kind of single event, that would inform me that printing finished? Like PrintFinished or PrintEnded which would indicate, that from now on, printer is in stand-by mode or is ready for printing?

I think I'd rather the events were more specific and we did not end up with more than one event firing at once for the same thing.

I feel like this is a question that is trying to solve an underlying problem, but I'm not sure what that is. How are you configuring your script to switch the lights? It should not be too much work to specify 3 events if you are using the built in event stuff, like:

- event:
    - PrintFailed
    - PrintDone
    - PrintCancelled
    command: <doing stuff>

in the config file.